Wednesday, March 31, 2010

where's Toto?!

eek! my house looks like a tornado hit this past week. there are fabric scraps and newsprint lying everywhere and my hubby's probably about to go on the fritz ... at least i know i am and it's MY mess! well, needless to say, it's good news for all YOU! i've been SUPER busy this past week creating new designs, reclaiming and burning new screens, printing, cutting, sewing and experimenting with new designs and styles. it's actually very exciting, but, i AM exhausted! tomorrow night is photo shoot night and thursday evening is posting night. then, it's just in time to go away for the weekend to visit my fam in PA! yikes... still a lot to do but that's my plan at least :/ so, wish me the best and check back so you can see all my new goodies! oh yeah, and ... Happy EARLY Easter!!!! :)

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