Tuesday, June 1, 2010

View an Etsy Front Page Treasury List - The Vault on Craft Cult

found one more, i'm having trouble locating my other front page etsy post, but hopefully, i can track it down too. in the meantime, check this amazing feature out!
the colorful collection included my: retro orange n brown bark, spring garden napkins.

View an Etsy Front Page Treasury List - The Vault on Craft Cult

View an Etsy Front Page Treasury List - The Vault on Craft Cult

No wayyyyy... Check it out:

View an Etsy Front Page Treasury List - The Vault on Craft Cult

So I am obviously still learning my way around etsy and how it works bec/ I just got featured on the etsy HOMEPAGE "3" times. I was checking my facebook, which I hadn't done in awhile (eek!, only more reason for me to get an iPhone - do you hear that honey. tehe.) anyways, my coworkers and hubby kept telling me that my facebook post said I was featured on the etsy "homepage". I was like, what! that can't be right bec/ I didn't post that, I literally had thought someone hacked into my account to spam me. Well, I had fogotten that I had requested etsy to post any news feeds or features on my fb account ... so, that's exactly what it did, and YAY! thanks etsy! even after a bit of panic, i was ecstatic to find out it was real!

i am still searching for my two other homepage features to post (since I missed them as well), how horrible! once i find them i will include them as well. weeee...

ps) just a sidenote:: i realize although features may be VERY exciting for me!, they may not be all that exciting to all of you. So I apologize that my posts have been less exciting lately. i will try my best to beef up my soon-to-come posts. i am going to try to figure out a way to better consolidate my features instead of all these small, random feature posts. if anyone has any suggestions, i'm dying to know! :D thanks for y'alls patience. i'm still learning to improve.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

many, MANY more Features ... let's just call it Features Catch-Up!!! :)

This post is a much needed catch-up on t+t's latest product features! thanks to all who featured me - it is MUCH appreciated!

Navy Screened Flowers Napkins
Nautical Spiral Button Napkins
Caramel Spring Garden Napkins
Limeade Spring Garden Napkins

Also, check out my feature at S and O production's "treasury tuesday: the elite eight" blog post, featuring eight fresh treasury picks. (5th collection down features my limeade spring garden napkins in the "Cultivating Season" treasury)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

almost 500 views, for REAL?!!!

My friend just pointed out that my caramel spring garden napkins have almost 500 hits in just over one week, WOW!!! This makes me VERY happy ... keep 'em coming! thanks for the fyi lou! miss you. xxo.

Retro Kiwi and Lilac feature -- I could SO get used to this!!!

Back-to-back etsy features, how exciting! i'm loOvin' technology right now, thanks to free publicity! ;> check it out guys: naomicayne featured my grape limeade flora napkins in her retro kiwi and lilac etsy treasury! this is such a fun collection, i'm totally feeling the retro vibe! thanks so much.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The love of grape!

Check it out, my grape limeade flora napkin set was featured on this weeks etsy treasury!
what a fruity, fun collection! thanks Corkycrafts!

What a lovely post!

Special thanks to my friend Linda who featured me on her brilliant blog. Linda is a recent bride who created her own beautiful beach wedding on a shoe string budget. She has decided to share her tips and experiences so you can have everything you've always dreamed on your special day - even when on a budget! whether you're a bride-to-be or not, check it out ... it's super cute, creative and inspirational!