Thursday, March 25, 2010


after discovering speedball's speedy carve, i thought it'd be fun to carve my own stamp. and, this stuff is great and so easy to use! now, i can use my stamp to personalize products and packaging. it works perfect! here's a few tips i found very useful:

+ it's easiest to stencil on your drawing with a lead pencil but remember when you're doing this draw your design on backwards bec/ when you go to print you will be flipping it over to stamp. i did this backwards my first time and now i have an extra bird mate on hand.

+when cleaning your stamp be gentle! i learned the hard way when i tore the tail off of my bird while attempting to clean the ink from its corners. sorry birdie. :/

+ if you're carving out a design with fine lines, place the block of rubber in the freezer for 10 mins or so before carving. this will help keep the block firmer as you carve. it worked great for me. give it a shot, it's very therapeutic.

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