Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Show EVER Update! ... after a much needed week to recharge - (sorry lads).

So it's a been a week since my show and i must apologize for the lack of blogs. I've been trying to recuperate and play catch up on some awaited orders. I'm thrilled to say that my first show EVER went very well and was a lot of fun! It included myself and several other talented artists. Thanks to Becca, who planned it all - you Rock girl! Becca is an amazing photographer, she sells her photography on cute, little notecards! not to mention they're super affordable.

Since I enjoyed the show so well, I am really hoping to do some more shows in the future. And, being that this was my first, I really had no idea what to expect ... and being my overdo-er self, I printed way more inventory than needed. So needless to say, if anyone has anyone knows of any future shows that I could be a part of, PLEASE let me know - I'd REALLY loOve it, and I most certainly have the inventory. :> I am currently in the middle of posting my new goods online. I probably have half up so far and the next will hopefully go up this weekend. However, I will be traveling to PA this weekend for my cuz's Bridal shower so that could change, stay tuned!

Hope everyone is well!


ps) sorry these pix aren't that great! but be kind, the night was a bit of a whirlwind with all this being new to me. hopefully the next time round, i'll be more prepared to catch some better ones. :D

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